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From the moment you walk in to Shuniya Yoga Studio in Maitland, you will start to feel your stress and worries melt away.....

Our belief is that anyone can do yoga and gain positive benefits from it. Whether you're looking for a restorative and meditative experience or a stretch and strengthening yoga session, we offer yoga classes that suit all ages and all levels.

Our yoga instructors are highly trained, experienced, passionate and friendly, with a deep love of yoga and personal transformation. Whether it's teaching beginners, experienced yogis or people returning to yoga after a break, we will be there to guide you in a safe and inspiring way so that you leave our studio feeling uplifted, relaxed and peaceful.

We teach a variety of styles of yoga from a mindful Hatha style of yoga to a therapeutic Japanese style or the deep spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga.…..all are designed to enhance our lives with grace, awareness, strength and compassion.

We are committed to supporting you through your transformation as yoga unlocks your body and mind to a better you.

"I really enjoy the classes that I have participated in. I didn't think yoga was for me, but 7 months later I'm still here and loving it. For an hour or two a week my head is quiet and I'm a lot more flexible and calm, Thank-you." Belinda

Come and visit our beautiful Yoga studio in Maitland today and feel the difference in your mind and body.

Go to the Book a class page or call 0422105638 for more information.