Affects of Yoga

When you start yoga it can seem rather strange and a bit daunting. I’ve had some students who have hated yoga in the beginning. However if you persist an interesting thing starts to happen to your mind and life. You start to become more relaxed, you don’t react to dramas so much. Your body starts to feel like it’s floating when you walk. This is quite different to normal exercise which can leave you stiff and sore a lot of the time. Yoga gives your body energy by building your chi (chee) or inner reserves. In a nutshell if you’re yoga teacher is doing there job, you should feel uplifted, relaxed and energized after class. Sometimes you may find emotions arising in class as a tight area starts to open. We sometimes hold emotions in instead of expressing them. Over time this can form tight areas or even sick areas in the body and yoga can help to open and heal these aspects of ourselves. Don’t take my word for it, try it and see, after all it’s only in our own experience that we can really know if something is true.

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